Our firm specializes in Landscape Design and Construction of environmentally sensitive areas.

We have an extensive knowledge and experience in the following:

Native Species

We have access to one of the most extensive collections of native plants in the area. All plants are Nursery grown, not collected from the wild. We also have an excellent knowledge base and experience in the design use and cultural requirements of these plants. This enables us to use native plantings for erosion control, windbreaks and shelterbelts, naturalization projects and plantings for difficult sites. We also develop native planting schemes that attract wildlife and provide habitat for specialized species including bees, birds and butterflies.

Sand Dune Restoration

We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of sand dune restoration projects. Sand dunes provide erosion control, flood control and provide critical wildlife habitat. As such they are becoming recognized for there tremendous value for shoreline landowners, and are now becoming regulated for protection by various governing bodies. We have worked with regulating bodies including the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation, local Conservation Authorities, local Municipalities and landowners to conserve and enhance this dynamic beach resource.

Dune Restoration Projects have included the design and construction of beach access points through dunes, replanting of degraded dunes with native beach grasses and native dune species, and interpretive signage and demonstration projects. Our dune restoration projects have been initiated in the public beaches of the Southampton, Port Elgin and Sauble Beach shorelines as well as numerous private shoreline residences.

Schoolyard Naturalization Projects

Our firm has been involved in the design and construction of naturalized schoolyards. Using native species in our design scheme, we incorporate natural materials, plantings and schoolyard requirements into a design that creates and/or improves wildlife habitat, involves and educates the students and improves their outdoor environment. Involving the students in all aspects of the construction phase from planting to maintenance ensures that they are active stakeholders in the project. This provides an excellent educational opportunity for the students as well as ensuring the care and perpetuity of the naturalization project.

Environmental Initiatives

We have undertaken numerous environmental iniatives in our Landscaping, Garden Centre and Botanical Gardens divisions.

Garden Centre & Botanical Gardens

Our Garden Centre carries a complete line of natural and organic pest control products, the use of Dormant Oils, Insecticidal Soaps and other natural pest control products. We also carry garden nematodes to control white grub lawn infestations. We stock a complete line of soil amendments, mulches and fertilizers that promote good plant health. Healthy plants are a solid preventative measure against insects and diseases.

We do not use pesticides or fungicides on our plantings. Rather, we plant naturally disease and pest resistant plant varieties. We also maintain plant vigour. Healthy plants are not prone to infestations! We also encourage wildlife diversity in our grounds and the resultant abundant birds and beneficial insects play a large role in natural pest control in the gardens.